Welcome to our new Members only Website, which is the gateway to the new CJA online membership system (called Community Enterprise, or CE).  This new system is designed to help our Clan Johnston/e in America organization run more smoothly, keep our data more secure, and make it easier for you to connect with us and vice versa.   

Part of keeping our data secure requires each CJA Member to login to the new system with a Username and Password.  Once you have logged in, you will have exclusive access to:

  • A large variety of information available ONLY to logged-in Members on subject such as Clan Johnston/e history, genealogy, governance and much more

  • An online discussion Forum where you can post questions and engage with other members

  • View and change your own Member record where you can change your 

  • Purchase Johnston/e related swag and pay online

  • Renew your Membership and pay online



Your CJA Username and temporary password

  • Your new default Username is a combination of your CJA Member Number + your last name, lowercase and without spaces.  (Example:  9999Johnson) This has been sent to all active members via email, but if you need a reminder please contact us at:
  • Your temporary Password is: your first initial and last name, lowercase and without spaces  Example: . ksmith for Katie Smith
  • Both your default Username and temporary Password can be changed once you have logged in

Logging In

1.       Visit 

2.       Click on Login in the upper right corner of the screen -  on the small menu  

3.       Enter your new Username and temporary password and click the blue Login button

a.       HINT: Click the eye icon in the password field to show the password as you type


Change Temporary Password and Username on General Tab

1.       Click Manage Your Profile in the upper right corner (the small menu)

2.       On the next screen click the General tab

3.       We recommend you create a new password by entering a new password in Password and Confirm Password fields (Hint: Click the eye icon in the password field to show the password as you type)

4.    Optionally, if you want, enter a new Username in the Username field

5.    Please make sure you record or remember you CJA Username and Password for future use

6.     IMPORTANT:  Click the Update button at the bottom of screen to save your changes


Review and Update General Tab

1.       Remain on General tab

2.       Review and modify or add any of the other fields (address, email, phone etc) as necessary to make your record complete and accurate

3.       Click Update button at the bottom of screen to save your changes

4.       Click Logout in upper right corner of the screen


To Logout of CJA

1.       Click Logout in upper right corner of the screen


We Recommend You Confirm Your New Password and Username (if changed)

1.       Click Login in the upper right corner of the screen

2.       Enter your Username and the new password you just created and click blue Login button

3.       Once you are in, click Logout in upper right corner of the screen.